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35 years of market leading innovation

For 35 years we have been continuously innovating and improving our world class debt enforcement platform known as Ethos. Arguably one of the market leaders across the UK, it is also being used in countries further afield including the USA and India. Ethos focuses only on your enforcement requirements and nothing else.


Ethos is well known, well liked, affordable and the preferred option of many small, medium and large enforcement companies across the industry. Some having grown with Ethos from a 5 concurrent user license and now using in excess of 500 concurrent users.


Please look at our testimonials page for further information.

How can ethos grow your business?

Ethos is cutting-edge cloud-based software that supports all Microsoft, Apple and Google browsers in the marketplace, allowing you to login using any internet enabled device from anywhere in the World.


It can be managed by all enforcement companies, local government agencies with in-house enforcement departments, property developers, parking operators, debt collection agencies, evictions, security companies and solicitors. Data can be either electronically imported or manually generated at the beginning the Compliance Stage. (If CCJ, to qualify for transfer up to the High Court scheme for enforcement by a High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO), it must be £600 or above, including fees & costs, and less than 6 years old).


Ethos works to reduce all staff processing costs, and eliminate errors during the enforcement process. This includes the generating of documents, emails, SMS texting, allocating work to your enforcement agents, calculation and application of fees, visit reports, geofencing of GPS co-ordinates, calculation and application of payment arrangements and financials including generating statements and if necessary, communicating electronically with your clients.


We are currently working on a Google Maps integration tool.


Ethos is the most complete and the best known of all the enforcement platforms for your enforcement requirements.

Case Workflow

Workflow tools built into Ethos automatically generating timed letter packs and applying the Enforcement fees (where applicable) as per your requirements.

Importing tools

Where your clients are able to export their new case instructions in an electronic file format such as CSV, .DAT, or Excel for example, Ethos has the built in functionality to electronically import that data once the field layout has been determined and validated.

Agent Visit Reports

Your Agents completing their Visit Reports based on a selection of existing or bespoke Visit Report templates on their mobile web enabled devices.

Analysis and reporting

MOJ reporting to update your HCEO. Dynamic Reports can be created to your specification directly querying your SQL tables.

Email from and to your cases

Ethos InBox email system to allow authorised users to automatically update an Ethos case, attached reports, images, emails without the need to logon to Ethos

Keep cases on track

Our Overnight Process monitors your cases to ensure that targets are being met and arrangements are not in default. Service Level Agreement (SLA) reporting keeps your Agents on target.

In many ways, Ethos’ services and software acts as a ‘guardian angel’ to our Agents and operations, keeping an eye on everything we do and reporting back to our team and to the clients themselves.
Quite simply, it is outstanding.

From the office or on the doorstep

As seen on TV

The Sheriffs are Coming!, Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away! and Call the Bailiffs: Time to Pay Up are reality television series following Enforcement Agents as they seek to recover monies for their respective clients.   The Enforcement Agents in the series use Ethos as their Case Management platform. Take a look at what the companies they work for have said about Ethos in the testimonials section of this website.

A word from the cEO

In creating Ethos we have provided our clients with all the latest tools they need to achieve a leading position in the enforcement industry.


Many of our clients have told us that they wished they had used Ethos sooner. We are very reasonably priced to attract small businesses as well as the larger and medium sized companies.


Lately we have been designing all types of data exchange programs to allow you to offer the services of importing new cases, import payments and to export financial data and completed cases back to your clients.


With thousands of enforcement companies, local authorities, solicitors and collection agencies, in addition to many in-house enforcement departments across the United Kingdom and with High Court Enforcement debt now at an all time high, now is the time to streamline your business and get the right software platform installed.


Let our Ethos be your Ethos.


Chris Thompson
CEO Haldon Studios Limit


If you would like to discuss how Ethos could help your business, please feel free to give us a call or use the contact form below to get in touch.

    I’ve been in this industry at every level, and I’ve seen technology come and go, but Ethos will be here to stay, for the long run, as it is up there with the most vital tools that we use.

    I don’t say this lightly – we couldn’t do what we do without Ethos. It is one of the key ingredients to our success as a company within this industry.