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Most of our clients do occasional work for other enforcement agencies around the UK, some of which use Ethos and some do not. They have told us that they much prefer using Ethos over the competitions software, so much that they choose to manually transfer their caseload off our competitor’s software, and onto Ethos. This of course is an example of where the efficiency of our EXAP, External Agent’s Portal, would have been beneficial to both parties, if only the other enforcement agency was also using Ethos.

This would especially be of benefit to local authorities who have setup an in house enforcement department, taking the case to compliance stage and then another enforcement agency takes over the case from the enforcement stage onwards. Using the Ethos EXAP, technically the workload does not need to leave the boundaries of the local authority, when being worked by the external enforcement agency assuming they are using Ethos. Ethos really does make good sense and is the way the market place is moving towards.

In summary, this is perhaps the strongest evidence that Ethos is preferred over our competitor’s software, but please continue reading and judge it for yourself.

Ethos – It matches our ethos
As the proud CEO of one of the most successful enforcement companies in the country, developing relationships with partners and providers is arguably the most important part of my role.

At all times, I am on the lookout for products, services and companies which help my High Court and Civil Enforcement Agents do their job to the best of their abilities, and which reassure our clients that we are working as hard as we possibly can to achieve their desired outcomes.
We have used the software provided by Ethos for some time now, to track our performance from the day we receive your instructions, right through to the resolution of a case.

Quite simply, it is outstanding.

“From the office or the doorstep” is how Ethos describe their case management services, but it’s effective for everything and everywhere in between, as well.

Out clients are able to log in to Ethos remotely, giving them detailed live and up to date information on their case.

This allows our Agents to do what they do best, without having to give constant reassurance or check ins regarding how a case is going.

We also use Ethos to track monies collected, as well as the movements of our Agents on the ground.

In many ways, Ethos’ services and software acts as a ‘guardian angel’ to our Agents and operations, keeping an eye on everything we do and reporting back to our team and to the clients themselves.

I’ve been in this industry at every level, and I’ve seen technology come and go, but Ethos will be here to stay, for the long run, as it is up there with the most vital tools that we use.

I don’t say this lightly – we couldn’t do what we do without Ethos. It is one of the key ingredients to our success as a company within this industry.

I have absolute faith and trust in my team here at Court Enforcement Specialists, whether they’re office based or out in the field. As a result, I need to rely on products, software and services in the same unconditional way.

With Ethos, I can do just that.

Long may this relationship continue.

Gareth Haggerty

CEO, Court Enforcement Specialists. Manchester.

We’ve used Ethos for the past twelve months and found that it makes it so much easier when we are allocating debtors payments to split between fees and judgement balances.
Changing the case between enforcement stages is quick and easy, and letting our clients know how the case is progressing saves us time and improves our customer satisfaction rate.
I would highly recommend this software and the support we’ve had from Ethos on any queries we’ve had have always been dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Damon Little

CEO Swift Enforcement

We have used Ethos for many years and have seen it evolve to cope with all the new legislation changes and find it an invaluable tool in managing our case load.

The system is cloud based and comes with many useful features that are required for field based collections including an agent and client portal as well as the office interface.
I like the way it can be made bespoke to your requirements we use it for High Court Enforcement, debt recovery, general bailiff work like CRAR, Non Domestic rates and Council Tax. It can even be adapted to use for tracing and process serving.
The software comes with great technical support and the ability to work with either single instructions or bulk instructions via a CSV file.

Andy Coates

CEO Quality Bailiffs

Thoburns Enforcement Services Limited have been using Haldon Studios Limited enforcement platforms since 1988 and we have found their software reliable and efficient providing cost effective solutions to the ever changing debt recovery industry.
Their customer support is exemplary delivering a fast and reliable service. We regularly receive new batches of work from clients as well as exchanging data back with them all performed seamlessly using Ethos. I have no hesitation in recommending Haldon Studios Limited software.

Peter Small

Managing Driector, Thoburns Enforcement Services

Andy Coates, CEO Quality Bailiffs

I was initially concerned about the cost of a bespoke case management system, when there seem to be so many ‘off the shelf’ products available, but Haldon Studios offered a competitive quote, & took the time to fully understand all of my requirements. The end result has enabled us to offer a truly bespoke service to our customers, that we simply wouldn’t have achieved without a bespoke product, and it has paid for itself many times over in time savings & increased productivity. Nicola Ashby

Nicola Ashby

A.S.H. (UK) Process Servers Ltd

We have been a customer for many years and have always been pleased with the professional and prompt service we have always received.

Jane Seymour

I J Beim & Associates

Having used Ethos since its first release I can’t imagine tackling a busy workday without it now. It has become an essential tool for our business that is backed up by excellent support from the Ethos team.

Tony Burnett

Millbank Recovery Ltd

We have used Ethos for quite a number of years now and are very happy with the functionality, the support and the cost of the package.

Matthew Heighway

Lackfords Debt Recovery

Absolute Enforcement has been using Ethos for around 5 years, we reviewed all the mainstream platforms and have used a number of them in the past. Ethos impressed us in both terms of technology and a lower cost. The team at Ethos have written a platform that reflects their superior knowledge gained over 30 years of experience and association with the Debt Enforcement industry. They are always open to talk about new ideas, and implementing new technologies to help us keep on top of the market place ourselves. The Ethos support is always prompt, professional and we have every possible confidence in them.

Chris Lucas-Jones

Absolute Enforcement Services

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for all your hard work over the past few months.

I know we aren’t finished in terms of bedding down processes etc but we’ve obviously hit a big milestone in getting the first batch of cases into the system.

I look forward to seeing the portfolio evolve on Ethos and working with you going forward.

Anthony Dear


One of the big selling factors for GB Services was the support we received in the leadup to deciding which platform to take on board.
I have also found that the personal training was given by one of the developers at the other end, people who know the background as well as the current legislation. Support is also given by somebody personally and not having to go through a call centre, or not having to speak to somebody who does not know us or where we are in using the product, is a benefit to us. I have also found being able to speak to somebody direct has developed our use of the software a lot quicker. If we ring up with a problem the staff at the other end can discuss with us and talk us through the problem, which is resolved. Operating like that we also found that we are being trained at the same time. When that problem comes up again, we know how to deal with it. For me that is one of the benefits of the system; the actual support from the developers.

One of the other features we do find very useful is the ability of Ethos to self-populate all of the documents that we have to produce. The self-population facility not only puts in all the debtor’s correct details but also calculates the required and projected figures to be paid at various stages and to get those accurately portrayed on the document, is very useful tool indeed.

What I also find very re-assuring is that the staff at Ethos are totally in tune with the current legislation that comes out of the Ministry of Justice and it is reassuring to know the product is FIT FOR PURPOSE and it’s also reassuring to know that it will continue to be fit for purpose.

Gavin Osborne

GBS Hull

Empira after much research, choose to use Ethos, as it is currently in use by many top enforcement companies across the UK, and it came highly recommended to us. The team at Ethos have put together a precise platform exactly matching our requirements and we are delighted with the results and would recommend the product and the support team to anyone else in the enforcement business.

Jo Dixon

Empira Ltd. Warrington

We at Definitive Collections Ltd chose Ethos as their product best fitted our requirements. The price was competitive and the support from the team excellent. After being with them for a few years now, their standards and professionalism has never wavered. Highly Recommended.

Delroy Anglin

Definitive Collections Ltd